Starter Menu

Nutrition consultation

A one-on-one consultation with our certified nutritionist, where we will discuss your pet's current and past diets, history, health and any diet concerns. We will also calculate the amount of calories needed and the body/muscle condition score for your dog and provide two customized/home cooked recipes that address your concerns at the end of the consultation.


Level It Up

main entrée & Nutrition consultation

This entrée includes everything on the starter menu as well as four designed recipes to meet your pet's needs. One coat analysis test to determine the exact nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your dog may be missing or in excess of. (After results are in, we adjust meal plans accordingly.)


Á La Carte Offering

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

We conduct the test in house and present your dog’s findings to help you understand what they mean. You also keep a copy of the results for your records. As an Á La Carte option this service does not include nutritional guidance or any dietary meal plans.

Ideal for dog parents who are curious where their dogs' mineral levels are at but are not quite ready or are not in need of guidance. This also a great option for those looking to retest their dogs levels to compare between previous results to monitor progress.